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One of India’s leading snack-food manufacturers and distributors by Saffron Feathers Pte Ltd  in Singapore

Entrepreneurship was thrust on the Virani brothers at a young age, when drought forced their father to sell ancestral agricultural land and give his sons a mere Rs. 20,000, with the advice to go forth and start a business. The road ahead saw Bhikhubhai, Chandubhai and Kanubhai fail at their first venture of fertilizers and then take up working at a boarding mess in Rajkot. The Company has 51+product range and 93+ SKUs. Our strong presence in the remotest of the areas to sprawling cities is made possible through ever-expanding powerful distribution network consisting of 800+ dealers. Balaji aims to provide a quality snacking experience at the most affordable price to people across all age groups. They distributed wafers to a few nearby retailers. The scale was small but their dreams, pretty big. 

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